About the Writer

I’m a student located in Chicago in my Junior year of highschool. I enjoy building things, mostly software and big ideas at the moment.

Why & what I write

I write here mostly for myself, to document growth and changes in my own life, projects, and opinions. I also write about other stuff I care about; tech, software design and development, apps & workflows, and current events.

Anyone else reading, enjoying, learning from, or otherwise appreciating the thoughts published here would be a delightful side effect of using the internet as my journal.


Licensing And Attribution

Blog posts

All blog posts published to are Copyrighted © 2022-present Benson V. All Rights Reserved.

Source code’s source code is MIT-Licensed meaning, in summary, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you include the copyright notice and permission notice.


This blog is dedicated to MF DOOM.