Three things that have made me happier

As I presently write, I feel happier (whatever that means) and more sentient than ever. The three concrete ideas I write about below, from lowest to highest level, contribute to this sense of contentedness.

Sharing kind words with those I love

For several hours earlier this week, my heart was so full of love I thought it might explode, so I sent some of my favorite people thoughtful and genuine messages expressing my love and gratitude for them. This did cause some alarm because I am not usually overtly sentimental, especially on a Tuesday evening, but after providing some assurances of my safety and sobriety, it felt really good. Not only to make them smile but to receive kind words in return. I would highly recommend.

Taking some time to be proud of me

Today I thought for a few minutes about some things for which I’m proud of myself, and wrote them down. Now I’m publishing them here:

  • Deservedly forgiving myself for mistakes, taking an enormous weight off my shoulders
  • Doing some much-needed reevaluation about those I choose to spend my energy on, solidifying my most important relationships
  • Spending more time on positive activities, like exercising and learning, affording me a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment
  • Learning about and incorporating into my life some Stoic practices and teachings, preventing my happiness from being influenced by external factors outside of my control and helping me remain at peace despite more “stressors” than ever
  • Going cold-turkey on junk food, making me feel physically shitty (no pun intended)far less often

You should some time to be proud of yourself for your accomplishments, large and small, write about it, privately or publicly, and make it a habit.

Dreaming big

“Dreaming big” has been the most important and impactful one. I’ve made huge plans for myself that I wholeheartedly believe will come to fruition. Plans so great and specific you’d need to be a Coodie-tier judge of potential not to call me egotistical, delusional or at the very least naively optimistic if I were to detail them. Being so sure of a great future makes many day-to-day and week-to-week obstacles feel insignificant. Truly believe that you’ll do great things and it’ll be far easier to power through the hard part. Create your prophecy, believe in it with your entire heart and mind and it becomes self-fulfilling.