About the Writer

I’m, foremost, a junior (3rd year) at my public high school in South Loop, Chicago where I’m founding, leading, and teaching my school’s first Hack Club. Outside of school, I enjoy building things. Right now, I’m building the foundation for a big idea I think you’ll want to hear about in the future. In addition to some commission web dev work, I’m also constantly writing for and iterating upon this website and sporadically working on smaller side projects.

Why and what I write

I write here mostly for myself, to document growth and changes in my own life, projects, and opinions. I also write about other stuff I care about; tech, software design and development, apps & workflows, and current events.

Anyone else reading, enjoying, learning from, or otherwise appreciating the thoughts published here would be a delightful side effect of using the internet as my journal.

About the Website

I call this website my life’s work because it (the design + markup & styling) is probably the single creative project I’ve spend the most care, time, and thought on. Since it’s my permanent spot on the internet, I’ve been consistently iterating on it since it’s inception at the end of 2021 to make it a place I’m proud to call my own. Changes will slow dramatically when I’m at a point where I’m completely satisfied with the design and functionality, but I plan to never stop writing here.



Licensing And Attribution

Blog posts

I’d love to be quoted or referenced, but please don’t copy or republish my work without my permission.

All blog posts published to bensonkitia.com are Copyrighted © 2022-present me, Benson Kitia. All Rights Reserved.

Source code

bensonkitia.com’s source code is MIT-Licensed meaning, in summary, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you include the copyright notice and permission notice.


All dates and times on this website are in Chicago time, which is Central Standard Time (CST) (UTC-6).


This blog is dedicated to MF DOOM.


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